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We only review the very best online casinos


Firstly, that means we only review the very best online Casinos out there. If a Casino doesn’t meet the highest of standards we’ve set out, it won’t even be reviewed, let alone recommended.

The ‘best Casinos’ means having the best welcome bonuses, the sharpest designed sites, the quickest withdrawal times, the largest selection of online slots, plus a few other criteria we’ve set out.

Each casino receive an overall WISE rating

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In order to do that, we’ve divided each of the above criteria (plus additional ones) into their own category, analysed the performance of each Online Casino as regards each of those criteria and given them a rating for each metric.

Once we’ve added it all up, we give each Casino an individual overall WISE rating.

Custom experience for you

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Our copyrighted Playwise method allows you to easily pick out which Casino is right for you based on what’s most important to you individually.

So for example, if it’s the big Casino Welcome Bonuses that float your boat, you can filter out the best based on that factor.

We praise the good stuff

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Playwise contains other useful Casino information that will be of great value to you, whether you’re new to this business or an experienced player. We’ve done the hard work so that you don’t have to.

One thing you should know is that we take great pride in being honest and transparent in our Casino reviews. We praise the good stuff, we flag up the occasional bad stuff.

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And above all, you’re certainly in safe hands. I’m Luke and I spent six years working for various Casinos in different roles so have the inside knowledge to know which Casinos are safe like a Swiss bank and which you should recommend to your sworn enemy!
Bookmark this site as your one-stop shop on all things Casino-related as we go in search of the best Casino experiences on the web.

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