ABOUT LUKE - PlayWise's Online Casino Expert

Hi, I’m Luke and welcome to Playwise, where I review the best casino sites online, tell you what I make of certain slots and give you all the latest news on matters to do with Casino.

What Playwise is all about

It’s my mission to trawl through dozens of online casino sites every week in search of the best online casinos with the best casino bonus with deposit, most enjoyable live casino products and best online slots and report on my findings right here.

I’m always on the lookout for new online casino sites in addition to the ones that have been around for a while, so this is also the place to come to find out about the casino sites that are top quality that may have fallen under the radar.

Playing at online gambling casinos is serious business of course in the sense that you’re playing with real money and have the chance to turn that real money into even more money. But let’s not forget that playing at an online casino is also about the experience, the thrill of the chase and having fun. Which is why I like to keep the tone relaxed and casual here. If you want serious and dull, pick up a copy of the Financial Times or attend a convention about insurance!

About me

About me, Luke

But let me tell you a little about myself. I worked in various roles at different world famous Casinos for seven years so know how the whole thing works as well as anyone. It was a great experience and I loved it but one day decided office life wasn’t for me.

Too many meetings and rules and not enough midweek rounds of footgolf (my other passion, you’ll be hearing plenty about it on these pages)!

I was also keen to set my own agenda and work the hours that suit me. In this day and age and with the technology we have, there’s no reason why we should have to be at a particular desk in a particular building at a particular time to get a job done.

But I did still want to be involved with what I really love and gets me out of bed in the morning: online Casinos. So I decided to use my knowledge and expertise and share it with you so that you can get as much out of them as I do. And so Playwise was born, where I do just that.

My girlfriend Emma calls me a gamekeeper turned poacher. I’ve actually worked at some of these Casinos or at the very least, I know people who do still work there. So that means I have some ‘inside information’ and the good news is that I’m happy to share it with you!

Emma is also fond of telling me that ‘honesty is the best policy’. Normally when I rock up at 1am and she asks me where I’ve been! But she’s right. So I’m 100% honest about what’s good and what isn’t in my reviews. There’s no point me telling you that Casino x rocks inly for you to play there and be disappointed.

To do all of this I’ve developed the Wise Rating, which you can read about here. (link to Wise Rating).

I hope you enjoy what Playwise has to offer and feel free to use the comments section to post any questions, feedback or accounts of your own experiences.

Be lucky!