Learn about our WISE RATING - How do we rate Online Casinos?

I’ve gone through every Casino and it a rating of between 0 and 100% on each of the seven factors I consider the most important in determining how good a Casino is. Those seven scores then contribute equally to my overall rating of the Casino, known as the Wise Rating.
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Our Wise Rating at Playwise

Why the Wise Rating?

In anything you do in life, there needs to be a method.

Think of a scientist. He starts off with a theory, tests it, keeps everything the same as he tests it again, reaches a result and then a conclusion. Failure to follow these pre-determined procedures correctly and he’s just a man in a white coat playing around with science apparatus. Same with my footgolf. When I set out for a round on a course I know, I have a gameplan. What target score I’m aiming for, how I want to play each hole, how I’ll do things differently if the wind picks up. Well, Casino reviews are no different. I’ve identified the seven key areas I think are the most important when assessing what makes a good Casino.
If I hadn’t done so and divided them this way, my reviews would just be a mish-mash of opinions and views of what I liked and didn’t like. Not only would it be hard for me to accurately assess what I made of a particular Casino but it would be extremely difficult for you, the reader, to reach any meaningful conclusion about whether it’s worth your while playing there, or not.

The elements of the WISE RATING

What makes up the Wise Rating

Based on my experience of working in the Casino industry and playing at online Casinos for the best part of a decade, I identified these seven as the most important factors when determining how good a Casino is:

Bonuses and Offers

How many different slots providers do they have and how good are these providers? Do they have the best known providers such as NetEnt or Play N’Go or the more obscure ones? What’s the total number of different slots they have in stock and do they also have Progressive Jackpots?


Most online Casinos these days have a mobile product but it can vary greatly in quality. I’ll look at whether the mobile product is browser-based or whether it’s an App and I’ll discuss how the mobile product compares to the laptop/PC version. Such as what proportion of games are available on mobile and how easy it is to do other things including checking your account and making deposits and withdrawals.


They say that when you eat something, your first bite is done with your eyes. And that applies to Casinos as well. Just like your mouth starts to water when watching the person sitting next to you tuck into a delicious-looking Calzone Pizza to the extent you want one yourself, you’re also more likely to enjoy playing at a Casino with a beautiful design, attractive banners, appealing colours and an easy-to-read font. I’ll also discuss how easy it is to navigate around the site and any other important deals to do with its design and usability.

Table Games and Live Casino

You wouldn’t be much of an Online Casino if you didn’t stock Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat within your virtual doors, would you? But it’s worth talking about how many different versions there are of each game, how easy they are to play and whether you can play anything beyond these, such as Video Poker or scratch cards.
Live Casino is all the rage these days so I’ll start by discussing whether a particular Casino has it at all and if so, how many different games there are of each and how enjoyable your experience is with them.

Withdrawal Process

Looking great, having lots of games and being easy to play them on mobile is all well and good but how does each Casino perform when it comes to crunch time? And by that I mean, when you choose to withdraw your money. Some Casinos will be unnecessarily fussy and slow when it comes to making KYC checks whereas others go through it quickly and painlessly. Some Casinos will take ages paying out your money while with others it’s instant or done within a couple of hours.
I’ll look at whether certain payment methods take longer than others and if the Casino has imposed any limits on how much money you’re allowed to withdraw at any one given time.
It’s my job to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Customer Service

We all make mistakes. Restaurants and airlines more than most! And it’s not about making them, it’s about how they deal with the issue in the aftermath. This is especially true of Casinos. As Casino players we’re playing with real money so we expect any queries we have to be answered and any problems we encounter to be resolved in a fast, efficient, professional way. We should also be able to choose which method of communication we prefer: phone, chat or e-mail. The more, the better. We also want an Agent available to us when we need them, not when it suits them, so their availability is a big issue as well.
Poor Customer Service can make you want to jump ship but excellent Customer Service when it comes to solving a problem can actually make that Casino go up in your estimation.

How the Wise Rating works

Why the Wise Rating?

Each factor carry the same weight when it comes to the overall score

As far as I’m concerned, the seven factors/criteria are all of exactly the same importance. And with that in mind, they all carry the same weight when it comes to their overall score. For each criteria, I’ll give the Casino a mark of between 0 and 100 in intervals of 5. So 75%, 80%. 95% and so on but not 73%, 78% or 91%. Once I’ve gone through the 7, I just add all the scores together and divide by 7 to get an average. The average will be rounded up or down to get an overall score to the nearest 5%. So 82.1% would become 80%, 94.6% becomes 95% and so on.
My girlfriend Emma says I’m a fussy old chap. I prefer the word ‘discerning’. I know what I like and I know what I don’t like. I take Casinos seriously so if a Casino isn’t of a high standard, I won’t even bother reviewing it, let alone recommending it.
So based on that, you won’t find many Casinos reviewed at Playwise with a score of less than about 75% on any criteria/factor, let alone as an overall score.

How the Wise Rating works

Why the Wise Rating is the way to go

The beauty of using the Wise Rating is that it allows me to compare one Casino’s overall merits with another based on exactly the same criteria.

But a further advantage is that you can compare one Casino to another based on just one factor. So if welcome bonuses are what’s most important to you, you can apply a filter that ranks the Casinos from best to worst just based on that. Or if it’s the quality of the mobile product that makes or breaks a Casino for you, you can filter your search from highest to lowest score based on that instead.